A SQUID review is basically a clear and simple way of keeping our customers informed and educated as to the health and security of their IT systems. Our recommendations not only enable the customer to plan, prioritise and budget, but also reassure that all aspects of their IT and security have been given the attention they deserve.

Introducing SQUID reviews

These reviews, which are often quarterly, go through 30 points in total, spread across each of the following sections.

S – Security

Q – Quality

U – Users

I – Informatics

D – Devices

Each point is reviewed and a traffic light scoring system used, for example:

SQUID Snippet


We then score each of the points as follows:

  • 3 points for each green light achieved
  • 1 point for each amber light achieved
  • 0 points for each red light achieved

This gives a maximum ‘best in class’ score of 90. Is this score achievable? Yes of course and our aim is to get you as realistically close to that score as possible.

What do each of the colours mean?

SQUID Traffic Light

Is this just another way to sell stuff?

A cynic may think that this is just another way to sell more services. However, we spend an enormous amount of time researching and testing and firmly believe in the products and services we recommend (and in fact use ourselves!) And this isn’t just about services and products, our recommendations may simply be a case of updating a procedure to ensure the best possible scenario. So, no this really is not a tool for selling more services and many of the issues raised can be resolved without buying anything at all.

How are SQUIDS delivered?

The SQUID reports are generated in-house but always delivered in person. This way the customer can ask questions and each point can be explained clearly and then discussed. Each quarter’s score can then be assessed and any agreed actions can be taken to improve the risk score over the year.

What else is discussed?

Quality: As part of the quality section of the SQUID report there is a review of how BCS have performed – have we hit our targets? How did we do when you left us your feedback?


This again gives an opportunity for a conversation about any piece of feedback we have received over the last quarter.

Devices: Providing a longer term perspective on any investment required, we look at the age of the equipment and give you a timeline and indicative price of renewal so there are no surprises down the road when something needs replacing or is near the end of its useful life. Again, our customers find this very useful for budgeting purposes as well as ensuring staff are using equipment that is fit for purpose.

SQUID Reviews have been very well received by our customers, who find the scoring system very useful and the meeting a valuable opportunity to regularly review how their IT investment is working and how BCS are working towards keeping them safe, secure and with a peace of mind that whatever happens, their critical IT systems are recoverable.

SQUID reviews are available to all our customers that are on one of our two managed services plans.

If you want to learn more about these plans you can click here or if you have questions or would like to discuss your IT with us you contact me directly by either emailing me at martin.hynes@bcs365.co.uk or by calling me on 01843 572600