What Is Managed Services?

What Is Managed Services?

Managed Services is a relatively new term in the small business arena. It often gets referred to by its acronym MSP which stands for Managed Services Provider.

Wikipedia describes managed services as:
Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

So what does this mean to a small business?

Old School IT

Previously IT support was very much the re-sale of new computer equipment. This was supported by the break and fix support agreements that meant when something did not work, you could contact a support desk who would then attempt to fix the problem, or schedule an engineer to visit to solve/fix/replace the problem.

This is what we call the break and fix model. It is very reactive by nature and can lead to down time and frustration if there are no engineers available, or parts are not in stock. The bigger IT providers attempted to solve this with more stock and more engineers.

The way forward

Managed services on the other hand takes a very different view on how to provide IT support.
True managed services prevent and resolve problems before they exist.
Sure there are help desks in place for when things are not working as they should.
However, in terms of systems being up and operational, managed services not only work to keep the lights on, but are actually taking pro-active action to streamline and improve systems and processes.

The tables have turned

The tables have turned in many senses, in that where previously IT suppliers would make their money when things go wrong, Managed Services make their income by ensuring things don’t, your company IT systems just work and your staff remain productive.

Spotting a real Managed Services Provider

There are many IT support services that will wear the hat of an MSP without really offering a true MSP service.

• A true MSP will offer fixed transparent pricing and not base future pricing on how many support tickets you logged. It is the job of the MSP to reduce support tickets in order to be profitable by ensuring the tickets never need to be raised in the first place.
• A real MSP will have dedicated resources for proactively working on efficiency and systems and processes that extend the life of your IT investments and ensure systems are working at their peak abilities at all times.
• The best MSP will offer 24/7 365 support as their objective is ensure your business is operating and able to serve your clients at all times. More and more companies are finding that the traditional 9-5 is slowly being eroded away. Ensuring your IT systems are up and running every single day of the year is what a true MSP will provide.

What is in it for you?

Using an MSP instead of a traditional IT provider will provide you with the following:

• A provider that is financially motivated to keep things working.
• A fixed price that is clear and transparent with no hidden surprises
• Peace of mind that you have outsourced your IT to a provider that is always working with your best interests to ensure your business continuity.
• A strategic partner

BCS are proud to be a “real MSP” and we provide Managed Services to some of the leading businesses in Kent. If you would like to learn more or have further questions we would be delighted to hear from you and can be reached on 0800 6521365

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