A Different Kind Of Patching

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Patching is something you may have heard of with mending fabrics, or in a hospital when the nurse says, “We need to get you patched up!” Funny enough, patching your computer isn’t that dissimilar…

A patch is a software update which is either inserted or ‘patched’ into an existing software program. They essentially help to protect your devices and it has become extremely important as part of the updating process.

Failure to patch systems is an invitation to hackers, they can see you are vulnerable and open to having information stolen. You definitely don’t want that! Patching is not difficult or expensive, your IT support company should have patching regularly scheduled. A recent study reveals that only 36% of unmanaged businesses in the UK patch consistently.

Patching may enable:

  • New drivers to be installed
  • Fix software bugs
  • Address software stability issues and new security vulnerabilities such as phishing
  • Upgrade software

With any software that is used on the network, it should be a priority to be patched as soon as an update is available. Remember those phishers from last week’s blog post? They are still trying to hook you on their line because they want all your sensitive information, don’t make it easy for them!

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