Last weekend, the BCS team stuck their racing gear on and headed down to Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit for the latest team social!


Just like Mario-Kart, our drivers were of mixed ability but all had the same agenda – to get the fastest time on the track! We got suited and booted prior to hitting the track with a racing suit, helmet and gloves – all of which were a pleasure to wear in 28-degree weather!

The fastest time recorded by the previous group was 58 seconds per lap – so the team had a challenge on their hands. After a few pictures and a debrief from the team at Bayford – we were ready to go.

The track was 1100m long, with the maximum speed of the karts at. 60 mph. We had a total of 20 minutes on the track to get our best lap time.

The circuit was designed and built by owner Gerry Lilley, on what was previously wasteland behind the Eurolink Industrial Estate and first opened to the public in 1997.

The results were in…

Jack from our remote team landed in 1st with a best lap of 1:05:15, Andrew with a best of 1:05:31 and Aidan with 1:05.68. Our Marketing Assistant Hannah came in last with a best lap time of 1:16:40 – it’s the taking part that counts right? We had a blast at Bayford Meadows – thank you to the team for taking care of us and rearranging the tyres when we crashed!