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CryptoLocker is a Trojan horse in terms of mechanism, which comes in disguised forms with one mission, to encrypt your hard drive. It may show as a link or a PDF file, either way as soon as you click it, you cannot access any of your personal files. It then demands a ransom amount from the infected user in order to decrypt the files. With a limited time to pay, the mode of payment is mainly BitCoin. Unlike most ransomware that freezes user systems, Cryptolocker keeps your computer & systems working.

The latest ransomware is called Crypto Fortress. It was found and analysed in February 2015. It seems to be an evolved version with some dangerous and new attributes.

As a proactive organisation, we ensure we are protected and more importantly, so are our clients. For the last six years, we have managed UTM (Unified Threat Management) devices, including Cyberoam which we discussed on our blog back in July, 2014.

Every year we know less about our potential network attackers and for this reason, we have Cyberoam qualified engineers. Here are some quick tips they have provided to help keep you protected from the possibility of being a victim of ransomware:

Your Managed Service Provider or in-house IT department should have all this taken care of, ensuring your firewall is secure to prevent you from CryptoLocker. If you have any concerns regarding your firewall, please feel free to call one of our friendly ninjas on 01843 572600 or