Why backup is no longer enough

rsz_backupisnotenoughEverybody knows why it’s important to have a backup. Nobody truly appreciates a backup until they need to recover some documents.

Various levels of backup

For some, backup is a copy of the main drive onto a USB drive or stick and pop it in the drawer. Others still use the old tape format with a tape for each day and another for the end of the month.

Then came the online backup and the ability to backup all of your critical business files offsite so even in the event of a disaster your files were all safe and sound and in “the cloud”.

This was the best solution at the time and there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this solution today either.

So what’s changed?

As with everything these days, technology has moved on and backup has become backup and recovery.

You see with backup although your files are safe you cannot do much with them until you have a new server in place and then download them and then voila, you’re back in business.

But how long would that take? Do you have anywhere to house the new server? Do you have the funds to purchase a new server? Can your business survive a week or more to access your files and applications?

For most the answer is no which is why backup is no longer and probably never was enough.

Backup and Recovery

What you need in an ideal would is the ability to access your server exactly as it was the moment before things went wrong. You connect to the internet on your laptop and there it is with your apps running and files all ready to enable you to serve your clients or at least communicate with them.

This is called Business Disaster Recovery or BDR for short. So what is BDR and how does it work?

BDR is everything your backup is but more! It backs up all of your files but critically, it takes a complete copy of your working server. These files are then kept in 3 locations:

  • On a NAS drive on your site
  • In our Data Centre at BCS
  • Another Data Centre

There are lots of reasons why 3 locations but for the purposes of this blog 3 copies are much better than 1 or 2.

There is more

This is where it gets good. The copy of your server is really important as in the 2nd data centre we have a live working version of your server being built all the time. As you make changes to files in the office the same files are added to the virtual sever in the data centre.

Therefore, in the event of any kind of disaster you have a working and running up to date version of your server ready for you to connect too. Not bad right?

So although backup was the right thing to do before as it was without a doubt better than not having one you need to ask yourself the question “is backup enough?”.

Sounds amazing, I bet it costs a fortune?

If you are paying a monthly fee for an online backup you will probably find it is not that much more expensive. As with all online services, the cost depends on how much data you have. But you can find out all about our BDR service and how much it costs by visiting here.