Core Values – We’re Not An Amazing Company By Accident!

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Having had a brilliant year in 2015 gaining Investors in People, Microsoft Gold and not one, but three ISO accreditations (you may be interested to learn that these were all goals we agreed back in November 2014) we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. 2016 has been planned as our year of business clarity and this has been kicked off with the launch of our Core Values awards.


The ‘Core Values’ of a company is its culture and culture is what happens when the Managing Director is not in the room. Our Core Values are at the heart of our structured business development plan and even used as part of our staff hiring (and if we have to, firing) procedures. Our three Core Values are:

  • Integrity – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • Dependability – Tell people what you plan to do and then do it. Every time.
  • Education – Having a quest for knowledge and supporting colleagues with their continued development.

Selected by the leadership team, these were won for January’s behaviours by Dean, Steve and Dom respectively. Their task during February is to decide who they feel are worthy successors of the glass trophies that for now have pride of place on their desks.

If you are interested in continuous business improvement, I have my own website and blog where I explain a little more about the changes I have been making at Business Computer Solutions over the last few years and the continued improvements I have planned. I also try and get a business book review posted every couple of months. Download the free book and subscribe to the list and I will update you as I post new blog articles worthy of a read!

Although presented at the end of January by the leadership team, in future the award recipient will be selected and award presented by the previous winner.