Grow your Small Business with Technology

Small Businesses

If you’re a small to medium business and you’re finding it hard to grow and modernise, then technology could be a massive part of your team and business success. Growing your business can be challenging, but when used correctly, technology can help you thrive and develop in areas you may have missed before such as Cyber Security & Compliance.

How can technology help my SME grow?

When you’re a SME it’s hard to know where your technology should be, without having someone in your corner to show you the gaps, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. Embracing a digital transformation in your business can take on many forms, for example the move away from physical servers to cloud based alternatives such as Microsoft Azure is becoming increasingly popular because of the multiple benefits cloud computing brings.

Cloud Computing

Azure is a Microsoft cloud product, which has had major growth in the last few years as Microsoft has been investing more and more into its cloud-based products. Azure is simply a collection of products and services that Microsoft has developed, and it’s all hosted on the cloud – meaning no physical servers or systems for you to deal with.

SharePoint is another Microsoft tool which is proving to be incredibly useful for both large and small businesses alike, including over 85% of Fortune 500 companies, according to Microsoft. SharePoint is a collaboration and file-sharing tool that hosts your files and documents in the cloud, protected by Microsoft and backed-up constantly.

Another aspect to consider is how your customers and team communicate with each other. VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol ) is simply a phone that uses the internet to process and manage calls. VoIP services are becoming used more and more by small to medium-sized companies because of benefits such as scalability, portability and ease of use. With VoIP, you can improve the experience your customers have with you when they phone in, and in turn grow your business. We offer the latest in VoIP technology, and you can discover more by clicking the link.

Give your business the power to deter cybercriminals

When trying to keep your users safe and your business running without any security issues, using a tool like MFA (multi-factor authentication) can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so. MFA put simply is a secondary confirmation to a user logging in, meaning even if someone had your username and password, they would also need another method such as access to a phone or biometrics that can be used. To find out more information about how MFA could be good for your business, check out our article on your business needs MFA here.

You can also train your staff in technology. When working with any kind of technology, if you’re not up to date and knowledgeable, it can be quite tricky to get your head around it. Not to mention the cybersecurity aspect and creating awareness of what is and isn’t malicious. Engaging your workforce to be aware of the risks that come with using technology will make your business and working environment safer, and more enjoyable for your staff. Let BCS help you with our Staff Training Programs here.

Why Choose Technology?

There’s no question that technology has changed the lives of those around the globe and there is no reason why it shouldn’t change your business too. Modernizing and using technology may be a scary jump, but utilizing cloud computing means you can work from any corner of the planet, or using VoIP systems that mean you can manage your phones with a few clicks can make all the difference when a business is in its growth stages.

Why Choose BCS?

Although we specialise in technology, we know the only way you can build effective IT solutions is by getting to know your business on a human level and fully understanding your goals first. We understand no one business is the same, and that your goals and priorities may change over time as your business develops. As a fellow Kent business, we want to grow with you at your pace and provide 24/7 IT support, so your business is up and running around the clock.

Want to Grow your Small Business with Technology?

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