Iron Out Your Processes: Maintaining Customer Expectations


Iron Out Your Processes: Maintaining Customer Expectations

The trick to delivering top level customer satisfaction is to ensure seamless access to everything they need, in one easy-to-manage place. This is true of everything from product provision to service delivery, with customers across all industries looking for convenience and a quick and easy answer to a problem they want to solve.

For Accountants, customers are happiest when your employees have the right tools in place to seamlessly deliver returns by:

  • Communicating swiftly & effectively with customers
  • Easily sharing files & invoices
  • Collaborative file management for all of your staff

A brief reminder of VoIP & Cloud Computing…


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and refers to a remote data centre through which all of your business calls will be directed and managed seamlessly. For businesses that are already using VOIP, not only does the switch save them time but it also provides additional features which optimise the investment and make your business VOIP the only communication platform you will need both internally and when managing customer calls.

Cloud Computing

We all hear regular talk of “The Cloud” and how everything we do online ends up stored somewhere in the infamous cloud. But what does it actually mean?

Cloud Computing, in its most basic sense, centralises all of your IT systems and ensures that every portal on your server can be accessed by anyone who connects to your cloud. Entirely scalable and 100% secure, Cloud Computing creates an individual space which can only be accessed by those inside your business, letting them log in and use the resources and applications that they need, as and when they need them – whether they’re in the office or not.

The most obvious benefit of this is the way it centralises all your business operations and enables more flexible working. However, some of the other, equally practical, benefits include:

  • Regular and consistent bills – no more hidden costs
  • The ability to tailor your package and only pay for the applications you actually need and use
  • Automatic updates to keep your system running smoothly
  • Higher lifetime value for your clients and customers
  • Safe and secure storage of and access to your business folders and company drives
  • Easy to use

Investment returned, every time

As a business that operates in the financial and accounting sector, you will already know how important security is in your everyday operations and business management. But what else can a switch to VOIP and Cloud Computing help you to achieve?

Centralised IT systems

When your IT systems are centralised, you instantly relieve the pressure of potential IT issues and streamline your business processes – not only making your job easier, but keeping customers satisfied as well. No more delayed quotes and late returns – with a central Cloud-based system, you and your team can easily and seamlessly grow your business without fear of internet issues and access problems.

Flexible Working

VOIP and Cloud Computing also make flexible working easier to manage, which in turn gives your business an edge when it comes to recruitment and retention. With employees across all sectors seeking more flexibility and a greater balance between work and their home life, anything you can do to support and nurture flexible working is a big tick in the box of your company culture and benefits.

Streamline Internal Processes

And finally, what better way to nurture the relationship between your business and your clients, than by embracing a new way of working that puts their needs first? A sure fire way to nurture customer satisfaction and give them more for their investment, streamlining your internal processes makes life easy for your customers as well. From quick and easy quote sharing to seamless management of assets and figures, VOIP and Cloud Computing takes away all the daily stress of business operations and leaves you free to focus on what matters – supporting your clients.