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We are a huge advocate for apprenticeships at BCS, with education being one of our Core Values. Some of our best engineers have come through the apprentice scheme.

We are stepping up the apprenticeship game with our lovely Jess who is going to undertake a Business Management Degree Apprenticeship with the University of Kent.  Jess is going to be taking the course for the next four years. She will be spending time with each department here at BCS, so Jess will be sitting in with the engineers, the accounts team and with Sales and Marketing. This will give Jess a whole range of skills and she should get to know our customers will.

Jess has just finished her A-Levels and is currently waiting for her results. Jess did look at different university courses, however she believes the best way to learn is to do. The Business Management Degree Apprenticeship allows Jess to study and work.

Outside of work, Jess’s studying doesn’t stop! She is also undergoing an online business course – go on Jess! Apart from when her head isn’t stuck in a business course, Jess enjoys spending time with her family, boyfriend and her four dogs (yes FOUR!)

Jess is a bit accident-prone… she has broken many bones in her body, including both of her arms, both wrists, thumbs and fractured her skull.

In the future Jess would like to start her own business. Jess’s father currently owns his own company in London, so she would like to step into her Dad’ shoes. Doing the Business Management Degree Apprenticeship will allow Jess to be one step closer to her dream.

You might get a chance to meet Jess on her journey with us at BCS!