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WiFi issues are always frustrating. When it comes to business, WiFi issues are costly.

Good news, it doesn't have to be this way.

WiFi is just WiFi, right? Let's look again…

WiFi is how most businesses connect to the internet, yet a surprising number of companies rely upon basic or DIY WiFi systems that are unplanned, unsophisticated, unprotected and consequently unreliable. Downtime is a common problem.

Managed WiFi combats this. Expertly setup to provide full Coverage across your site(s), designed to provide optimum Connectivity based on specific team needs while providing the highest-level of Security against malicious access and proactively Managed 24/7, via a single provider.

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Discover how 360° Managed WiFi unlocks productivity…

WiFi coverage can be affected by a multitude of factors, from too few Access Points (hubs that project a WiFi signal), resulting in dead zones, to your WiFi not being optimised for your business needs.

Dead spots and insufficient coverage are common in standard WiFi setups. These slow down your infrastructure, and ultimately slow down your users, leading to a less productive workforce. To identify areas of weak coverage we measure and produce bespoke WiFi Heat Maps to demonstrate where you are losing coverage and provide recommendations to resolve this.

Modern workspaces are increasingly flexible with users connecting on a range of devices and roaming. To ensure constant connectivity, between Access Points, we enable a zero-loss handoff mechanism. Wherever and on whatever your team work, the WiFi works! Our solution has been installed in a variety of large and challenging locations, from industrial units to multi-site setups and wind farms.

WiFi Coverage

Would You Like To Know What Your WiFi Footprint Looks Like?

We can show you! Contact our Commercial Director at to arrange a no obligation WiFi Heat Map that will visualise the gaps in your WiFi coverage and identify the type of Access Points you require, in what quantity and where to position them for the best coverage. Prices start from £599.

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