Is moving IT providers painful?

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IT suppliers are like accountants – you only change provider when you really have to. We understand that your existing provider knows you and your business and that makes the idea of changing really hard.

Most of the time people only change due to a compelling event or reason. To consider moving IT provider, things have to be pretty bad or perhaps you really feel you are not getting value for money.

But companies do move providers and it is a little bit like going for a jog, the thought of it is far worse than actually doing it.

Will there be disruption to my workforce?

When done right, there should be no disruption at all. The only change will be a different voice at the end of the phone but I promise we are super friendly and within no time at all, you will see that.

We take the time to understand your company and I know we all say this but we genuinely do not see ourselves as suppliers but as strategic partners to our clients.

First month of support

Now I nearly wrote the first month is free. But that is not what this is about. The first month of support is in fact run in tandem with your existing provider so that we can oversee a smooth transition with no break in service. It also enables us to deploy our monitoring tools, getting everything in place to provide a robust support service. This provides us with invaluable information about your systems, giving us a heads up on what is needed to keep you trouble free. Oh, and yes, we do provide this first month at our cost, not yours.

How does your support work?

For a start, we provide Managed Services, which is a form of IT support where are in fact working on your behalf 24/7 365. We do not wait for you to phone us with a problem… we’re always on the look-out for issues that you’re probably not even aware of and aim to get these resolved without you even realising. For more on Managed Services check out this blog post here.

There will be issues that arise, no matter how much we’re working in the background for you and you’ll need to call us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all 365 days of the year. Your business does not stop and neither do we.

Our customers are allocated to a specific team of engineers. This means you’ll only ever deal with the same engineers from this small team. We find this provides continuity and means our customer get to know the engineers and they get to know you and your systems.

Once an issue has been resolved, we review the ticket to ensure the best possible service was given and then an email will be sent out summarising the steps taken, and asks the person who raised the ticket if they were satisfied with their support. The user responds by clicking one of three faces Happy, Neutral or Sad. This gives really valuable feedback to the engineers and the leadership team. Each response we receive goes into a prize draw with some amazing prizes to say thanks for giving us the feedback and the opportunity to improve.

What else makes you different?

Other than being the best looking Managed Services providers in the world you mean? 😉

Well we have our amazing Learning Zone where we have over 100 workshops every single year on subject matters such as Office 365, Word Excel and PowerPoint and a whole host of others. Oh and did I mention our customers can send two delegates to each workshop as part of their support agreement?

We also host monthly Lunch and Learn sessions where we provide a speaker to talk to you about all kinds of business topics. Past sessions have covered Cloud Computing and Inbound Marketing for example. Again, this is all part of the support agreement and is all part of our mission to become great teachers and strategic technology partners to the best companies in Kent.

Are you the cheapest?

Yep I said it. I said the word cheapest. I am addressing it because again this is part of our philosophy in being transparent. The answer is probably not. We aim to be the very best teachers and providers of Managed Services in Kent and to this end, we are continually investing in better technology and people to provide that.

If you want the cheapest provider, then we are probably not a good fit for you but if you are looking for great value for money and an amazing service then maybe we should have a chat?