Our 3 Guarantees To You

There are lots of things to consider when working with an IT service provider. It really is more of a partnership when executed correctly and therefore becomes a critical decision and one to get right first time or at least second time ;-).

So in order to make any decision simpler and easier we offer 3 guarantees that we 100% stand by:

  1.  15-minute response time on all calls that are considered business limiting (can’t connect, can’t work or can’t print etc.) 60-minute response time on all calls considered administrative and not business limiting.
  2. By sending your staff to our Learning Zone workshops we guarantee they will know more than before they first started attending. These workshops are included in all our support plans.
  3. With our choice of tools deployed (included in all support plans) and our advice regarding best practices around attachment handling followed, our guarantee means that if an infection gets through, the cost of any re-imaging will be covered by our agreement.

We believe in simplicity, fair and honest pricing and along with our 3 guarantees we hope that partnering with BCS becomes an easy choice.

To learn more about our support offerings including pricing you can view this page here.

If you would like to learn more about our support and how it works you can view this post here.

To discuss your requirements further you can either email us at hello@365itsupport.co.uk or call us on 0800 6521 365.