Our trip to Dufeu IT!
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On Tuesday some of our team visited Dufeu IT, who deliver specialist IT support and Telecoms services to businesses in the Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

Here at BCS we love to learn – and it’s important we not only learn from customer feedback, but also what our industry peers are doing. We met Dufeu IT a few years ago whilst at a CompTIA peer group and we are proud to say that we still hold a strong and transparent relationship with them in 2021. Jess, Harry and Carrie were welcomed into the doors of Dufeu’s shiny new offices on Tuesday afternoon – we even got a welcome sign!

The team at the DuFeu IT office with Callum & Greg!

Dufeu IT have grown rapidly in the last year and gave us some invaluable insights as to how this was achieved. Managing Director Greg and Head of Operations Camara talked Jess through marketing ideas and new business strategy, whilst Technical Director Callum and Head of People and Culture Emily talked with Carrie and Harry through service coordination and efficiency when working tickets for customers.

As the evening rolled around, the team enjoyed a spot of dinner, also joined by Dufeu’s Professional Services Director Neil, at The Smoke Pit with some ‘hot sauce bonding’ advocated by Callum. It’s safe to say that 100,000 Scoville units is definitely an effective team bonding tool.

Whilst in the city of Northampton, the team noticed the differences between the North and the South including; 5G mobile networks, drive-thru Starbucks and even delivery robots! Time for the South-East to catch up a bit!

BCS would like to thank everyone at DuFeu IT for being so accommodating and friendly – with a special thanks to Greg, Callum and Neil for giving us a fantastic learning experience.