Ricky Street

Remote Support Engineer

Ricky grew up in the country and always feels at home surrounded by trees and fields, Ricky has been happily married (mostly) for 10 years and enjoys a morning walk in the countryside with his wife and dog.

PC Gamer

After building a gaming PC Ricky spends far to much time on the weekends playing games. Anything from RPGs to FPSs, Ricky has amassed hundreds of hours in virtual worlds.

Music lover

Ricky loves music and enjoys anything from blast beats of Slipknot to hair raising symphonies from John Williams. Ricky really enjoys any kind of music (Apart from Justin Beiber).

Animal man

Ricky loves animals and enjoys 6 am wake up calls from his Labrador, even on Sundays. This is normally followed by long walks in the wilderness all before breakfast.

Cars & Tech

Ricky spent over 10 years in the motor trade as a diagnostic technician. A by-product of this is a love of anything with an engine and all associated technology. Ricky will happily talk for hours about Data Bus protocols and how DC/DC converters work, normally sending people to sleep.