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Team Morale!
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Staying Connected!

In these uncertain times, we all know how difficult it can be keeping in touch with those team members that you usually have a quick catch up with in the corridor or a coffee break together midday when you are at work. We also know how being cooped up at home can be a little demotivating in comparison to the positive atmosphere you experience when you go into the office with your team each day. However, the BCS team have been making an active effort to conquer this! 

We started simple, where we created a Teams ‘BCS Social’ group where everyone in the team can interact with each other on a day to day basis by posting funny GIFs, pictures of their lunch for the day or just to say ‘Hi’ and check in on one another throughout the day. In this chat we have also played a few games, including a ‘Guess The Character Game’ and inserting a tab to ‘Guess the Drawing’ via https://www.invisionapp.com/, that means the team can interact throughout the day. 

Every Friday we have our virtual ‘Morning Huddle’ where we of course update our different departments on anything they may not be aware of that week or large plans for the following week, however, we also like to keep this fun. We have so far done a ‘Funniest Dressed’ challenge and a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ challenge, to start the Fridays off with a smile on everyone’s faces. 

BCS run quarterly social events for the whole team to spend some time together out of work to relax, socialise and just have fun, however, due to the current situation we weren’t able to do this exactly. So, what did we do? We adapted. We held a Saturday Evening Quiz Night, with our very own MD, Martin Hynes, hosting as Quiz Master for the night and our lovely Chairman Gareth and his wife Sam joining us for the evening. We had everyone get their families involved toochildren, partners and grandparents invited! Overall, Daryl and his family won first prize (although clearly his wife Steph is the real brains), with our best friend duo, Reece and Dan D, grabbing the wooden spoon. 

We have incorporated some other morale boosting methods throughout the lockdown by arranging coffee catch ups between team members, a virtual BCS Bingo, free food for the team over the first weekend of lockdown and random midday calls to make sure everyone gets their daily stretch in. 

Overall, the BCS team are keeping happy and healthy throughout this time and we hope you are too. If you’re struggling to think of any ideas to boost morale throughout your team or to keep people socialising, feel free to try any of the ideas above, have a quick search of Google or LinkedIn, think of the silliest idea possible and just do it or even get in contact with us here at BCS for some assistance. We aren’t only here to keep you secure during these unprecedented times, but we are also here to keep you and your team healthy and happy in any way we can. 

Get in touch on 0800 6521 365 or email hello@bcs365.co.uk for all your IT support needs in Kent.