Do you feel lost when you try to think of ways to generate leads for your business? Content is King, but you probably know that already.

What you want to learn about, is how to better use content marketing for lead generation. What types of content yields results, and which don’t? More importantly, how do you use specific types of content to capture leads? Let’s look at five lead generating ideas here…

Produce an eBook: eBooks are a great way to show your organisation as an expert. They also educate potential leads, as your content will provide value to them, if done right!
A well written eBook should offer something of real value to readers, who can walk away with specific answers to questions that urged them to read the material.
An eBook is usually the first contact point between your organisation and the reader, so it is absolutely critical that you deliver the information you promised in your landing page or email, otherwise you may damage your reputation and any relationship you might have had with your audience.

Host a Webinar: Webinars are a great way to interact with your audience and give them something valuable at the same time.
The speaker is perhaps the most important component of a webinar. Anything less than a confident presenter may cause your attendees to multi-task or take a break from the session. As such, it is important to work with someone who is an expert in your topic, someone who has charisma and the ability to command people’s attention through a computer screen.
Recording the webinar lets you evaluate what went right during the presentation and what didn’t. More importantly, recording the webinar allows you to provide a video copy to your attendees or to provide a content offer to registrants who were unable to join the webinar. You can even post it on your website!

Host events: Hosting events and inviting existing customers and prospects, is a great way of showcasing your organisation and developing professional relationships.
Content is what drives the event’s success, and contributes to its ongoing role in your marketing funnel. You can write blogs and promote the event way ahead of the event date, use social media during the event and use the images from your event for future blog posts and content creation.
Great events are an incredibly effective lead generation tool, doubling as an opportunity to build your brand and image.

Create white papers: How can your white papers be effective at generating leads? Here is a simple and straightforward process:

  • Title– Catch the reader’s attention right away, while conveying the paper’s subject matter. Use a catchy title!
  • Content– Make the content relevant to the title and of course, for what you are talking about. Whatever the case, the content must be helpful, even if the reader won’t buy your product or service.
  • Promotional plan– Distribute copies of the white paper to your sales team and run through its content. Include the white paper in your social media outreach campaign, email marketing campaign, or external advertising efforts.
  • Lead strategy – Instead of following up with a buy now call to action, you can respond to the lead in the most helpful way possible: offering more information. Perhaps send an email asking if the reader wants to download another white paper, sign up for the next webinar or attend a future event.

Write consumer case studies: Case studies can tell great stories. It can be a success story of a product or service, or a solution (or solutions) to a problem encountered by customers, complete with the steps to fix the issue. Four examples of case studies you can showcase are:

  • Abstract or summary– Begin your case study with a summary of the problem and a preview of the solution or steps taken to solve it. This will help future readers with the same problem and your audience will love you for it!
  • Real people– Genuine interviews are what make great case studies stand out. A case study needs to tell a story, and that narrative is most effective when it’s told from the customer’s perspective.
  • Photos and videos – Images and videos can make case studies more engaging. Charts are especially useful, providing additional background to your case studies points and making comparisons between products or experiences more effective.
  • Solution – When talking about the solution, keep your broader audience in mind and walk the reader through the steps you took to fix the problem in a clear manner. Again, your audience will love you for it!


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