Utilise Your Desktop More Efficiently

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It can often be difficult to make it through the day without some sort of distraction – a colleague requesting approval for something, a time sensitive matter to attend to, a multitude of emails & notifications – the list goes on. Adjusting to working from home is also a bit of a transition for many. So to be able to mitigate some of these bombardments and help hone in on the task at hand can be a game changer. There are plenty of tools out there can help you in your quest for work zen.

Focus Assist

The speech bubble icon in the bottom right hand corner of the windows desktops is where your notifications live. In an aim to bring mobile & desktop operating systems together, you can receive notifications within Windows from all sorts of apps. This is great on one hand, but become a pain after a while. To silence notifications, right-click on the icon and select Focus Assist. From here you can then decide just how much you want to be informed about.

Desktop Icons

If you’re in the habit of saving items to your desktop, then you’re probably aware of how quickly the icons can pile up. It’s a bit daunting to look at, so if you ever want to clean things up without losing everything, then you can simply right click on your desktop and select Hide Icons. This will make your desktop a lot less visually stressful!

Aero Shake

Despite the funky name, the Aero Shake tool is a good choice if you need to really knuckle down on a single task. By clicking and dragging the very top bar of the program your using in a wiggle motion, any other open windows will be minimised. This will leave you with a single visible program, meaning less clutter to worry about. You can always reverse this process by “wiggling” the menu bar again, to maximise the other windows.

Night Light

Quite possibly one of the most underrated features that has health benefits, night light is great for those of us who end up working into the night. There have been numerous reports of how screen glare can spoil our sleep patterns due to it’s blue light. To combat this, the Night Light tool will gradually apply a red colour filter to your screen as it gets later, reducing stress on your eyes and helping to ease the effect that blue light has. You can access night light in the display section of your computer’s settings.

Dark Mode

Similar to night light, Dark mode can be more visually comforting if you’re working at night. Or if you just prefer a sleeker look to your machine. Dark mode inverts the usual bright white & grey colour scheme of various applications. This can mean a reduced amount of blazing bright light every time you’re working on your computer. You can toggle dark mode on within the Personalization settings on Windows PCs.


Similar to ridding yourself of Junk nonsense, the ability to unsubscribe within Outlook is fantastic, as it saves jumping through the many hoops that often occur when you simply want to stop receiving marketing emails.

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