Why You Need To Use YouTube!

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YouTube has been around for a while now, but it can be a really useful tool in setting your business apart from competitors and other businesses of a similar size.


YouTube allows you to create interactive video content that can be distributed via YouTube itself or embedded into your website as a standalone player. Consistency and brand style will go a long way to making your videos successful. They can be yet another medium that you can use to interact with your clients. There is of course a slight learning curve to become comfortable uploading and sharing videos via YouTube. However, once you’ve overcome the initial stages you will find it can be a really useful tool that provides plenty of analytics and choice when it comes to distributing content.

Why Video Matters

Video content can be important as it helps you reach a larger audience. It can tend to be more captivating than a wall of text (not this wall of text though)! It also allows you to get creative and bring some excitement to the messages that you are trying to convey.

YouTube is also incredibly accessible on almost any device. This means you have a much wider platform on which you can reach customers and leads alike.

YouTube is a slightly different affair when it comes to social media. With the key platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. mainly offering the ability to post a handful of content mediums, whereas YouTube is primarily video based. There are other ways to utilise this platform if you have a community of subscribers. However for business-based use, video will of course be the primary medium on YouTube.

Content Success

YouTube gives you plenty of tools to make your content successful. Firstly, YouTube studio allows you to completely manage your videos in terms of metadata (thumbnails, description, etc.). It also gives you the ability to add custom or automatic subtitles. Additionally, there is a wealth of free-to-use audio and music clips you can use in your videos.

Analytics wise, you’ll be able to track the number of views and subscribers your channel has. This includes where your audience base is located. This can be useful for tracking receptiveness, and to better target leads.

You can also conduct live streams using YouTube, which can be a useful way to conduct online events that your customers can still interact with, without having to be physically present

What Are You Waiting For?

We’d certainly recommend giving YouTube a go if you are looking to expand your business’ online presence and give your company a visual identity that will allow customers and prospective ones an insight into your business.

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