For anyone that uses their phone in public or stays constantly connected to the internet anywhere they go; which probably includes you, Wi-Fi security should be a top priority.

We use wireless internet connection anywhere we can find, but often don’t think about the risks of accessing a public network. The term ‘hack’ and ‘data breach’ seem to be more common than ever in the news and media; there’s a reason for that. The increase of mobile device usage and connected technologies everywhere have indirectly made your information and devices more susceptible.

Here are some tips on Wi-Fi security and what you can do to keep your personal information on your mobile devices, well, personal:

  1. Free doesn’t mean safe: Just because Wi-Fi is free, it doesn’t mean you are re in the clear for potential security breaches. Even if you log in with a password, likely provided by the establishment you’re in, it doesn’t mean your online activities are encrypted. Also, beware of random Wi-Fi hotspots or free Wi-Fi networks that appear to be open to join. These could be made by hackers themselves, as a way take advantage of those who are not aware.
  2. Be safe: It is inevitable that you will use a public network to connect to the internet at some point in time. Especially in the case of when you travel and need to work in a public setting, such as an airport, coffee shop, or hotel. While you can take advantage of this public connection, do take precaution as to what kind of information you access on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Avoid accessing websites that hold private, sensitive information like bank accounts. The last thing you want is to have your savings account drained because you decided to open your banking app and expose how much money you have over a public network.
  3. Practice public safety: If you are on a public Wi-Fi network, make sure all the sites you are browsing start with HTTPS and not HTTP. Traffic on websites beginning with HTTP is visible to hackers, so avoid putting yourself in that scenario all together. Additionally, you can change your wireless settings so that they do not automatically connect to available Wi-Fi. By doing this, you prevent unintentionally putting your mobile activity out in the public and your information at risk.

By being aware of Wi-Fi security and taking the right measures, you can keep your devices and private information safe, while accessing the internet as you please.


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