VoIP Services

Hold the phone. Switching your telephone system to a hosted VoIP setup can have huge cost savings.

And here at BCS we can arrange it all, hassle free.

VoIP? Can you repeat that?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) means hosting your complete telephone system via a secure fibre-internet connection.

Gone are the cables, bulky equipment, line rental and maintenance charges of the old ISDN systems.

Instead, your calls will be hosted remotely in a data centre. It’s a streamlined, more efficient way to manage all the telephone calls in and out of your business.

Futureproof Your Communications

BT are phasing out ISDN networks for voice calls. New customers will stop next year, with a complete switch off in 2025.

There are currently 2 million customers in the UK still using ISDN. Are you one of them?

Now really is the time to futureproof your business communications with BCS.

A Phone system that works for your business

Switch to a new hosted VoIP system, and your business can expect a host of benefits.

  • No more line rental charges
  • Reduced call rates compared to ISDN
  • Free calls between all your sites and remote users
  • Work from home/on the road with the same system
  • Easy to self-manage after setup
  • Futureproofed, before the ISDN switch off in 2025
  • Fast installation
  • Flexible choice of phone numbers
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Keep it Simple!

If you have multiple sites, all can be placed together in one partition. This means you’ll have one contract and just one phone bill. And everything will be managed together in one place too.

This system is also resilient. Our VoIP partner uses the latest technology across two data centres. These are climate controlled, with multiple power and air conditioning feeds. It means you’ll stay on the line, no matter what.

Looking for an IT specialist?

It’s a job for BCS. Call our freephone number, send an email or fill-in our contact form and we’ll get back to you in a flash.