What is VoIP?

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VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an online-based phone system that involves enhanced capabilities over what you would class as a “classic” phone system.

Utilising the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection, Voice over Internet allows for many benefits, such as higher quality calls, reliable conferencing and crucially, flexibility. As you’re essentially utilising an internet connection, you have the benefit of portability. You can call via your computer as well as your normal desk phone, or any device that supports your VoIP system for that matter. This removes the need to be in a certain location to be able to take and handle calls – which is great for workers who are on-the-go.

VoIP can be a cost effective solution in providing excellent communication tools for your business, whether you’re a small/medium business, or an enterprise. VoIP gives you the opportunity to be easily reachable across devices, making communication for you and your clients a breeze. It also means you can contact your clients in a more reliable manner, without choppy lines or dropping calls. You’ll get IVR and call queuing as well, extra features which can be incredibly useful.

If you have multiple sites, all can be placed together in one “partition”. This means that you’ll have just one contract and just one phone bill. And as an added benefit, everything will be managed together in one place too. You can also manage call routing – deciding how long your phone rings for, and where the calls go to. Additionally, if you have remote workers, many VoIP systems allow users to make and receive calls from home, another fine addition to VoIP’s feature set.

Integration with other services such as your emails is also something to factor in when considering VoIP. Examples include having voicemail transcripts and missed call notifications sent to you via email. Essentially, you will see more blurring of the lines between what you would traditionally class as a phone, with the distinction between your computer and your phone spilling into each other.

BT are phasing out ISDN networks for voice calls. New customers will stop in 2020, with a complete switch off in 2025. There are currently 2 million customers in the UK still using ISDN. Are you one of them? Now is the best time to embrace the elegance of VoIP.

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