Keep your Business Data Secure through Email Archiving

Email Security

Email is everywhere, every day. Millions upon millions of messages are sent each day. Some aim for the holy grail of inbox zero, whereas some let the unread numbers pile up. Either way, there comes a time where organising and maintaining your email account is inevitable. Archiving is an excellent way to save items for compliance and later reference, whilst allowing you to rest assured in the fact that historical data is safe. This allows for a cleaner, more relevant inbox displaying items within a recent timeframe, outside of which anything else is securely shelved away. This has multiple benefits. 

Firstly, your inbox storage space is at a lower risk of reaching it’s capacity. With regular automatic archiving, storage is kept at healthy levels. Secondly, archiving can be setup to follow the same folder structures setup within your email clients. For example, if you’re using Outlook to manage your emails, and you have an in-depth folder hierarchy in place, you won’t lose this once items get archived. There are many productivity & security enhancements that come as a result. 

Easier to search

Utilising an email archive also brings the benefit of actually being able to find what you are looking for! It can often be a nightmare to try and find items in a sea of spam emails, especially when there could be hundreds or even thousands to sift through. Once an email is out of sight, it’s out mind. A robust archiving solution will make it easy to get to something quickly which will save plenty of wasted minutes. In addition to just your standard searching criteria, an archiving solution will allow you to dig in to the finer details and create super specific searches to help pinpoint that lost message. This means in time of need you can get to what matters most quickly. Less tedious searching is much more efficient when trying to solve time-sensitive issues. 

Speed up your inbox

Archiving takes away the brunt of the storage required to hold your emails on your device. Although many email clients give you generous amounts of storage, storing loads of emails on your device will inevitably slow it down. Whether you’re on mobile or computer, having that extra millisecond of speed is a nice to have. Time is money as the saying goes, so if you can eek out some extra speed and make your business more efficient, what’s not to like? 

Proper archiving uses the latest and greatest encryption standards

Most contemporary email archiving solutions offer the latest and greatest encryption standard so you know things will be locked down accordingly. Emails often contain sensitive data, and so wherever they are (in your inbox, on the cloud, in an archive) they should be secured accordingly. Using modern encryption standards means it’s that much harder for criminals to gain access to your business-critical information. As an archive can generally include vast quantities of data, they can be common targets, as well as treasure troves for criminals if broken into. A good archive however will utilise strong encryption that will make it almost impossible to breach. 

Disaster recovery in case of catastrophe

Reliable email archiving means you can continue to work in the worst-case scenario by picking up where you left off from a recent archive backup. With archiving being conducted regularly at set intervals, you’ll always have an up-to-date copy of everything. This means, should the worst happen, that any loss will be mitigated. So instead of a weeklong downtime, potentially burning a huge whole in your pocket and damaging your business, you can be up and running again on the same day. This lifesaver cannot be understated. It’s often taken for granted by businesses who soon face that horrid realisation in the midst of a disaster. They’re essentially losing business that would be intact if they had had an email archiving solution in place. 

After totting all of these features and benefits up, it becomes clear just how important email archiving can be. When it comes to keeping your business’ crucial data under lock and key, archiving is the way to go. It provides an easily accessible, always up to date and secure option for those looking to organise their companies’ email. Archiving shifts the tedious task from your hands into a system. This system is cost effective and passive to manage. Even through thick and thin, an efficient archiving solution provides an omnipresent copy of your emails that keep your business on it’s feet, yet out of reach of threats. 

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